20th Birthday Party

16. September 2023, 20h

20 Jahre DANCE in Trier

20 Jahre Salsa Life Trier

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Vip-Gäste & viele Überraschungen

Geschlossenen Gesellschaft!

VVK für Limitierte Gästeanzahl,

ab März 2023 möglich und endet am 30.04.2023  



The perfect evening

celebrate the big day with the dance party of your dreams!

a great event with fantastic audio equipment,

big dance floor. Dance like there's no tomorrow!


Musik: new & old school classic Salsa, Bachata & Merengue.

the best music from every year of the last 20 Years Salsalife Rodrigues-Party.

There have been many amazing songs in the last 20 years. … enjoy


Friends and family can help by sending us a max. of 2x favorite songs (salsa or bachata).